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Articles on key issues related to the Healthcare Industry from the heads of leading Hospital and Healthcare companies and healthcare industry experts. This section focuses on current and emerging issues in areas such as healthcare management, medical sciences, surgical speciality, diagnostics, technology, equipment & devices, facilities and operations management and information technology.

Five Digital Health Trends Impacting Asia Pacific

Innovation in digital health is flourishing in the Asia Pacific region With rising consumer demands rapid advancements in technology and more complex care needs healthcare organisations are under pressure to deliver digitalfirst seamless and connected healthcare

Evolution of Technology in Healthcare Practice during COVID-19 Pandemic

Technology has been a boon to healthcare especially in the last few years From improved operational efficiency to standards in patient care the healthcare transformation has enhanced the entire experience for both patients and medical professionals Healthcare and technological innovation should go h...


Promising future of healthcare
Worldwide people were never so nicely connected as they are today The indelible mark of the st century is the Tech Revolution Leaving no field behind this revolution has changed the world It has left significant footprints on the shore of human evolution Many innovations have optimised the productiv...

Advanced Wound Care & Management Services

The next frontier in Asian healthcare?
Asia has developed some of the highest quality patientcentric costeffective and valuebased medical services in the world From specialty ophthalmology cardiovascular and orthopedic care to organ transplants plastic surgery and dental proceduresexcellent healthcare the same or better than in the West

Prevention of Intraoperative Catastrophic Events during Minimally Invasive Lung Cancer Surgery

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in males and females With the increase of lung cancer screening early detection of lung cancer has been increasing The use of minimally invasive surgery for lung cancer including videoassisted and roboticassisted surgery has been increasing with grow...

Securing a Better Future for the Healthcare Sector with Cloud-based Technologies

COVID has ignited a series of transformations in the healthcare sector In a recent survey by McKinsey with more than leaders from the industry agreed that the pandemic is fundamentally changing the way they do business requiring new products services processes and business models According to Mark...

Dermatology beyond Hospital Walls

While dermatologists are not directly involved in the care of COVID patients the impact of the pandemic on the dermatology practice is evident For many people the pandemic has caused an increase in skin problems related to the use of personal protective equipment PPE and the increase in personal hyg...

The Future of Hospitals will be Shaped by this Pandemic

I ask myself what the postpandemic world will look like As a senior consultant this is what I predict Bettermanaged desk space rightsizing a talent age gap as many seasoned healthcare executives retire and restructured workweeks Healthcare leaders need to exert change at the organisational level in...

Technology and Mental Health

How to use AI for Depression Treatment
According to the World Health Organization more than million people worldwide suffer from depression and this number is growing every year Today Artificial Intelligence and robots solve various problems but can they help cope with mental illness

Diagnostic Approaches to Identify Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

It is wellknown that the novel coronavirus disease COVID is become an emergency day after day and has caused about million deaths across the world It is caused by Severe Acute Respiratory SyndromeCorona Virus SARSCoV and in the early stages of this virus Italy is the worst pandemic hit nation after...

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