Diagnostics represents one of the most lucrative markets in the world. However, the market has developed strongly in enhancing disease prevalence and rising consumer awareness. This has given rise to Medical Diagnostic instruments manufacturers in the market. Healthcare diagnostic services are highly competitive and became price-driven business referral payments to doctors. Imaging & diagnostic services are key profit drivers in the Healthcare industry. Medical Diagnostic equipment is an integral part of diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy. India has the potential of becoming an international hub for providing medical diagnostic services.

Artificial Intelligence May Help Radiologists Detect Fractures in Daily Practice

Missed fractures on standard radiographs are one of the most common causes of medical errors in the emergency department and can lead to potentially serious complications delays in diagnostic and therapeutic management and the risk of legal claims by patients


Quicker expansion to bring more value and accessibility to patients

The global cancer burden is raising an alarm for healthcare leaders worldwide Cancer claimed million lives in The International Agency for Research on Cancer IARC estimates that in people develop cancer in their lifetime and these new estimates suggest that more than million people are living within five years of a past cancer diagnosis With m...


Many aspects have certainly changed For one many procedures were postponed by healthcare professionals in line with medical guidelines and society recommendations This can delay critical diagnosis and treatment for severe diseases

Need for Stratification of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction

Shedding light on RV-PA uncoupling with echocardiography

Heart Failure HF is a critical social problem all over the world and HF with preserved Ejection Fraction HFpEF has particularly been increasing and upcoming to a bothering issue Complicated pathophysiology and multiple comorbidities with an aging population makes it rather difficult to find the best way to treat HFpEF patients and none of specific...

Recommendations for Lung Ultrasound in Internal Medicine

Lung ultrasonography is a diagnostic tool known for several decades It owes its popularity to the work of many clinicians who use this method of lung imaging on a daily basis in their medical practice with diagnostic successesLung ultrasonography is a diagnostic tool known for several decades It owes its popularity to the work of many clinicians wh...

Molecular Diagnostics

Empowering patients for better outcomes, diagnosis, and treatment

The most important aspect of Invitro Diagnostics IVDs is the role they play in delivering patient care and improving outcomes Innovations in IVDs are resulting in faster accurate testing and are allowing clinicians to target treatment more precisely and effectively improving patient pathways and enabling earlier intervention


The permissible level of Electromagnetic Radiation EMR varies between countries but residents in urban areas everywhere are subjected to EMR Most radiation is from personal devices

Deep Learning in Medical Imaging

No field has seen the extensive and successful application of Artificial Intelligence AI to realworld problems more than those of imaging and computer vision nic

Diagnostics Industry

Shaping the transformation of the healthcare industry

The transformation were witnessing in the healthcare industry today is unparalleled and sets the tone for the evolution we will witness over the next decade I see three major drivers that will shape the future of our industry

Make in India for the world

The way forward for Indian IVD industry

The Indian healthcare sector one of its fastest growing industries is expected to grow at a CAGR of per cent to touch US billion by

Asian Diagnostics Market

Emerging opportunities

Asias ageing population is expected to double by increasing the number of people likely to require medical treatment

Diagnostics for the Developing World

Challenges and constraints

The healthcare challenges faced by the developing countries are vastly different from those in the developed nations Owing to the high poverty levels there is a great dependency on the state for healthcare the delivery of which has at best been mediocre and highly mismanaged With very limited budgets available for healthcare the


New and evolving roles

Noninvasive imaging of the heart continues to evolve and improve Cardiovascular ultrasound or echocardiography continues to play a key role in the diagnosis and assessment of response to therapy of many cardiac conditions The advantages of echocardiography are that it is a safe noninvasive test without radiation exposure and is a relatively inexpen...

Rapid Diagnostics

Fighting emerging diseases

Despite impressive advances in the field of antimicrobials and vaccination the world is still facing the threat of emerging diseases A new disease makes headlines almost every year Are we witnessing more diseases now than any time in the past From the plague to the influenza pandemic infectious diseases have always play

Globalised Healthcare

What lies ahead

Good health for all populations is a recognised international goal There have been broad gains in life expectancy over the past century but the health inequalities between the rich and the poor still persist The prospects for future health depend increasingly on the relatively complicated process of globalisation Health is not only a benefit of dev...

Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Tapping the potential

Pointofcare diagnosticseither for home use or for a nearpatient environment such as the general practitioners surgeryare a potentially profitable growth area for the healthcare industry However there are several issues to be overcome before any pointofcare instrumentation can be successfully commercialised These include the demonstration of clinica...

Oral-based Diagnostics

Oral diseases and beyond

In October the New York Academy of Sciences organised a conference in Atlanta on Oralbased Diagnostics dealing with the diagnostic potential of saliva and its constituents Although blood is still the gold standard for diagnostics of diseases and drugs oral diagnostics has the same and may be an even larger diagnostic potential Principally all sub

Vibration Response Imaging

A new methodology for measurement of lung vibrations

In the hands of a trained physician the stethoscope has been an excellent tool to assess the air moving through a patients lung But its usefulness is limited due to the range of audible frequencies as well as outside interferences The VRIXP is a unique new lung imaging system developed by Deep Breeze in Israel Based on the science of Vibration Resp...

Radiology Beyond Anatomy

New value chain for personalised medicine

Healthcare providers in developed countries are facing the challenge of improved and efficient hospital management focussed on a bottomup approach for patient flow and management Patient management relies on best medical care right from the hospital entry point

Digital Radiography

Efficiency With Automated System Movements

There are numerous factors that drive a radiology department to adopt digital imaging technology The use of the Picture Archiving and Communications System PACS and hospital managements need to optimise operating costs for higher efficiency are only two examples

PACS in Indian Hospitals

Catching up

How has the response to PACS been PACS in India the response has been very good so far In fact there are quite a few hospitals that are fully using the PACS software The hospitals that we have been targeting have shown very keen interest in PACS We feel that market is getting mature and is set to boom

Advanced CT Imaging

Effective diagnosis of coronary disease

The main trigger for the onset of Acute Coronary Syndromes ACS following a prolonged period of coronary atherosclerosis is the rupture of an atherosclerotic coronary plaque followed by localised coronary thrombosis and or spasm The major factors that predispose to rupture of a vulnerable plaque are a relatively large lipid core a thin cap and an a...

Human Genome and the Molecular Diagnostics Market

The unravelling of the main bulk of the human genome in led to a feverish explosion of ideas of how genetic information could be used to improve the identification and management of human disease and enhance human health through improved therapeutics Targetbased drug discovery immediately received a shot in the arm for more molecularbased approach...

Molecular Diagnostics

Rapid evolution of technologies holds out much promise

Molecular diagnostics is becoming increasingly important as an essential tool for the rapid accurate and costeffective delivery of safe and effective therapy for many diseases Its uptake is driven by i continuous innovation in underlying technologies ii constant identification of new or improved biomarkers iii steady decrease in associated costs an...

Radiology Facility Design Standards

Cookie cutters and football pitches

We have designed hundreds if not thousands of imaging suites For each one we seek to identify the unique technical operational and clinical demands that each facility will need to supportThere are similarities among many of them but no two are identical We absolutely shun cookie cutter rigidity in design but that doesnt mean that we dont operate on...


Towards personalised cancer treatment

In Roentgen discovered Xrays It gave birth to medical imaging which has revolutionised the care of cancer patients In it is impossible to imagine delivery of cancer care without medical imaging A direct and advanced application of the Nobel Prize laureates discovery is Positron EmissionComputed Tomography PETCT Hailed as invention of


Role of the end-users

When a hospital decides to make the switch to a Picture Archiving and Communication System PACS it is not only a huge financial decision it is also the start of a journey with an unsure outcome With PACS a whole new world of possibilities opens upboth for radiologists and referring physicians Next to th


A step towards personalised radiation medicine

In radiation oncology progress has been made not only because of a combination with systemically active antineoplastic agents but also because of technical improvements and the integration of modern imaging The objective of the radiotherapy is to improve the dose distribution tailored to the borders of the target


Innovative approach towards telemedicine in primary care

Telemedicine can be defined as any transmission of medical information by means of telecommunication technology Numerous wellknown teleconsultation applications in medicine are based on the transmission of imaging data for example from computed tomography store and forward or also on

Predictive, Preventive & Personalised Medicine

A novel strategy for healthcare

Current healthcare practices essentially rely on emergence of signs and symptoms of human pathologies prior to initiation of interventional modalities A major limitation of this approach relates to the fact that often the disease process has already taken its toll through manifestation of its complications As a result despite high costs associated...

Diagnostics - Seeing the Whole Elephant

Dr Basri Johan Jeet Abdullah of the University of Malaya believes the imaging technology is in place to drastically improve patient careWhat is sometimes lacking is the political and institutional will to use this technology effectively From the humble beginning of imaging following the discovery of Xrays in

The Innovator’s Prescription

How Asia can disrupt the global healthcare

Todays healthcare systems are in a critical state of distress in nearly every nation around the world In developing countries the prevailing model equates to adequate care for the wealthy and little for the masses Nationalised singlepayer models like the

Cardiac Computed Tomography

Emerging Cardiac Devices and Technologies

Over the last five years the speed and resolution of mutislice Computed Tomography CT has advanced to the point where it can now be used for accurate cardiac evaluation Calcium scoring a

Advances in Neuroradiology

Advances in computed tomography CT Current state of the art multidetector CT imaging provides images with a minimum isotropic spatial resolution of mm This means that the brain scans can be reconstructed in any plane without significant artifacts The brain can be scanne

MR Diffusion and Perfusion

Can they replace PET?

While in the past MRI was praised mainly for its superb anatomic display and tissue contrast a number of advanced nonenhanced and contrastenhanced MR imaging techniques have been developed in the past years that provide new insights into the physiology of tissues and the pathophysiology for example of tumours These techniques include MRspectroscopy...

Planning Secrets for Enhanced CT/ MRI Throughput

In architecture there is a well known phrase less is more which was part of a movement away from overly complex architecture to a more simplified form This same adage applies equally well to the design and operation of efficient medical imaging centres In the midst of declining resources and a worldwide recession imaging providers are struggling to...

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