ALPINION Launches X-CUBE 90, A High-Performance Ultrasound Diagnostic System

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS Co., Ltd, a medical ultrasound professional, announced that it will launch X-CUBE 90 in March.

X-CUBE 90 is the top-tier model of X-CUBE, a brand developed by upgrading the existing E-CUBE product line. Compared to the existing models, X-CUBE 90 provides a more detailed image and comfortable user interface and thus a diagnostic environment of greater efficiency.

X-CUBE 90 applied X+ Architecture, an imaging platform independently developed by ALPINION. X+ Architecture is a premium-grade imaging platform created by combining X+ Crystal signature™, a transducer technology with high sensitivity and wideband, and the company’s cutting-edge beamforming and data processing technology, X+ FIT. With ALPINION’s unique algorithm, large-size data are swiftly reorganized, thus clear and high-resolution images are provided.

In addition, X+ FIT, a hardware technology applied to X-CUBE 90, increases data transmission capacity, data transmission speed, and data processing speed by 4, 10, and up to 14 times compared to existing products.

ALPINION applied the following new technologies to X-CUBE 90:

  • X+ MicroView: The vascular imaging mode that displays micro blood flow. It clearly displays low-speed blood flow, which has not been possible with Color Doppler at the fast frame rate.
  • X+ pSWE: The Point Shear Wave Elastography shows objective quantified stiffness of tissue and the reliability index of a measured result is displayed, ensuring to reduce unnecessary biopsies for patients.
  • X+ Assistant: With an optimal scanning protocol registered according to the guideline formulated from practical use, keystroke time is reduced by at least 50%, thus effectively decreasing examination time.

ALPINION CEO Hyunjong Park states, “We are thrilled about the launch of the new high-performance ultrasound diagnostic system, X-CUBE 90. We will continue introducing new products that meet the expectations of healthcare providers and patients around the world.”

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